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Musical Cafe Showcase Auditions

My screenplay Science Fair the Musical with music by Phillip Surtees will be included in Play Cafe’s Musical Cafe Showcase in November in San Francisco from November 12-15. We’ll have 20 minutes worth of material in this showcase, alongside three other musicals in progress by Northern California musical writing teams.

Auditions for this showcase are happening on Monday, September 12th at PianoFight (near Powell BART) in the evening. We’re casting for four non-equity parts: two women who can play teens (both altos), one man who can play a teen (tenor with falsetto), and one woman who can play “older” than the teens (vocal range is open). Just email musicals to schedule an audition.

“Suddenly Split & Swiping Over”

I’m extremely thrilled that All Terrain Theater is producing my one-woman solo performance play “Suddenly Split and Swiping Over” this summer through the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and will then do something that we’ve never done before: tour it back to the Bay Area!

At the end of my MFA program at Carnegie Mellon University, my professor sat me down to go over my experience with the program and to discuss my next steps. I had written a 20-minute version of this play for class and he thought this was the one play that I should make sure to finish and send everywhere. SO, I am following through and making it happen and I could not be more excited to have the excellent direction of award-winning director Katherine Vondy to guide me through this process and to have the incredible Susan-Kate Heaney to originate this role with the Hollywood Fringe Festival. As if that weren’t awesome enough, the versatile Angela Jaymes is understudying the role for Hollywood Fringe and will then tour the show to the Bay Area in July!

That is, if all goes well with our Kickstarter campaign! We are hosting a brisk fundraising campaign to raise $3,000 by Thursday, April 28th to make sure we can adequately promote the production in Hollywood and to then tour the show back to the Bay Area. If you can make a contribution, please do!


2015 in Review

My Year in Review with a list of the writing/professional accomplishments I’ve made this year in film, television writing, opera, and stage theater.

All Terrain Theater, Six Monsters, Photo by Rob Eves

All Terrain Theater, Six Monsters, Photo by Rob Eves




  • Completed a spec script for the TV drama “Masters of Sex”
  • Ninja Scientist (completed one-hour TV action comedy)
  • Science Fair the Musical (developing music with composer Phil Surtees for award-winning full length screenplay)
  • SalmonQuest (short play comedy)
  • Santa Surveillance (short play drama)


I guess that does it!

White Woman Tears

“White Woman Tears” is the third of three micro plays that the Playwrights Foundation produced in its 2015 FlashPlays festival. This play was directed by Sydney Painter and performed by Laura Peterson and Jasmine Williams.

A Short Play
By Tracy Held Potter

Setting: An office today.

White Woman (f, 20s)
Black Woman (f, 30s)

[BLACK WOMAN enters. She is professional, but not smiley. She sits at her desk and gets to work. WHITE WOMAN bursts into the office.]

Oh my God! I can’t believe what happened to that poor boy!

[BLACK WOMAN takes a breath.]

I mean, it’s just so shocking how an innocent kid–and for all we know, he was innocent–could be, could be … how could that happen to him?! By the police! Because of the color of his skin!

[BLACK WOMAN processes files.]

We should take the morning off.
(tearing up)
I was crying all night. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

[WHITE WOMAN collapses into tears on top of Black Woman’s desk. BLACK WOMAN stares at White Woman. She eventually picks up WHITE WOMAN and hugs her.]

I am so sorry. So sorry that the world has been so unfair to you. Until last night, you didn’t have to think about injustice unless you were in the mood for it. Your view of equality and fairness has been shattered. But it’s alright, because now I’m here to comfort you for all of the suffering you’ve experienced on behalf of my people. Because that’s what’s important right now.



[End of play.]


“Cleansing” is my second of three plays performed by the Playwrights Foundation in its recent FlashPlays festival. This play was directed by Logan Ellis and performed by Caleb Cabrera, Anthony Agresti, Ehsaan Taeb, Rivianna Hyatt, and Michael-Ann Conner.

A Short Play
By Tracy Held Potter


[A, B, C, and D act out gestures for each of their concerns. They keep moving the whole time.]

Gripe: gentrification.

Grumble: cost of living.

Hissss: racism.

Rrrrgh: pollution.







Gripe! Gripe!

Grumble! Grumble!


[Rain begins to fall. D notices first. The others catch on and become entranced by the sound, feel, and existence of water falling from the sky. They revel.]



A & B


Neon Bracelet

I was very honored to be invited to participate in the Playwrights Foundation’s FlashPlays festival this year. Below is “Neon Bracelet,” one of three micro plays that I wrote for this event. This piece was directed by Rem Myers and performed by JD Scalzo and Radhika Rao.

A short play
By: Tracy Held Potter

Setting: Apartment in the San Francisco Mission.


WOMAN (f, 30s) – tech project manager
MAN (m, 30s) – computer developer

[WOMAN and MAN lounge on the couch with their respective laptops.]

Bam! Work day is officially over!

[WOMAN shuts her laptop.]

Did you actually do any work?

That’s between me and my supervisor.

So. What are we doing for date night tonight?

Oooh… how about we Netflix and Chill?

[They kiss.]

How about we go out?

[MAN strokes Woman’s arms.]

WOMAN (cont.)
I heard that new place Neon Bracelet is good.

You mean that bar on Valencia with the life-sized cutouts of Ferris Bueller?

(pulling away)

We had one rule when we moved to the Mission: no hipster places.

I just…

It’s a slippery slope, Babe. You go to Neon Bracelet tonight, then you think, “Oh, there’s nothing wrong with this place.” And the next thing you know, you’re gentrifying like everyone else.

We’re already gentrifying. This way, we can stay in our neighborhood and save on the Uber. I’m tired of pretending to be someone I’m not. I want to go to a bar with expensive drinks where people dress nicely and they project 80’s cartoons on the wall.

Like what?

GI Joe. Smurfs. Fraggle Rock.

Fraggle Rock?

[WOMAN nods.]

MAN (cont.)
It’s just once.

[MAN and WOMAN hop up and down and run offstage, holding hands. End of Play.]

Fashion Foes is Online

Last winter, I completed my first short film called “Fashion Foes,” a clothing swap comedy featuring actors from Carnegie Mellon University and a crew primarily from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. Incredible cinematography is by Kevin Galloway. Enjoy!

“A is for Adeline” at the Loud & Unladylike Festival

My latest full length play, “A is for Adeline,” inspired by the 19th Century writer Adeline Dutton Train Whitney, is getting a second staged reading tonight through the Loud and Unladylike Festival that I co-founded with Rachel Bublitz and Claire Rice as part of DivaFest at The EXIT Theatre. All three of us will present our new plays in this development workshop series.

Loud and Unladylike is dedicated to presenting stories that feature complex historical women that most people don’t know much about. In “A is for Adeline,” I’m building a story around the complex and conflicting attitudes that people had about women’s roles in society and a home and specifically whether or not they should have the right to vote.

Join me tonight to hear a reading of this piece and offer comments and feedback afterwards.

Get your tickets for the Loud and Unladylike readings.

Claire Rice, Rachel Bublitz, Tracy Held Potter. Photo by Rob Reeves

Claire Rice, Rachel Bublitz, Tracy Held Potter. Photo by Rob Reeves

Got my MFA!

It’s official! I earned my Dramatic Writing MFA at Carnegie Mellon University on Sunday and  now I’m working on putting together my full-length play commission for the Loud and Unladylike Festival through DivaFest at The EXIT Theatre in San Francisco, preparing for a live screening of the entire season of my web series Merritt Squad at PianoFight, and producing two shows for All Terrain Theater, including Women in Solodarity: Waking Up and Six Monsters: A Seven-Monster Play.

Some of the projects that I completed or had performed during my two-year MFA program include:

  • Science Fair the Musical (full-length screenplay, winner of the Alfred P.  Sloan Screenwriting Competition at CMU)
  • Plastic Nest (full-length stage drama)
  • Ninja Scientist (one-hour TV action comedy)
  • Merritt Squad (8-episode web series)
  • Newbie Sally (short opera comedy performed by Opera Theater of Pittsburgh)
  • Last Night in the Hague (20-minute opera co-written with Wei He and composed by Chung Wan Choi)
  • Status Update (1-minute play performed at the SF Playwrights Foundation’s One-Minute Play Festival)
  • Fashion Foes (8.5 minute short film; to be posted soon!)
  • Around the Globe (10-minute stage comedy)
  • Public Transportation (10-minute stage drama)
  • Student Bake Sale (30-minute stage comedy)
  • Friends or Maidens (10-minute film comedy)
  • Alexis, the Bronze-Age Warship (10-minute stage comedy, staged reading at the SF Olympians Festival)
  • The Sword (6-minute drama, staged reading at the SF Olympians Festival)
  • Wrote a spec script for the TV drama “Masters of Sex”
  • The Dinner Project (short media film designed by Dave Yen and Danni Zhang)


Princess Audrey (People’s Choice Award winner and finalist for the Best of PlayGround festival in 2013) received a staged reading at True False Theater in New York City.

It’s been quite a busy couple of years! I’ve definitely learned a lot about what I didn’t know and am excited to apply my knowledge to cleaning up my existing scripts and developing more projects for film, TV, and the stage (including opera!).

CO-OPERA Live Webcast, Friday, April 10

Dramatic Writing MFA’s from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama will be presenting short operas composed by MFA’s from the School of Music.
The show on Friday, April 10 is sold out, but there is a wait list and an opportunity to watch a live webcast.
To get on the wait list, email Ashlinn Dowling at
To watch the live webcast, visit Find the link in the text that says “This performance will be webcast live.” Tune in at 7:30 PM EST.

CO-OPERA is a collaborative opera production involving Carnegie Mellon University students from various parts of the university as well as community partner, Pittsburgh Opera. Students, alumni, and faculty from the School of Music, School of Art, School of Drama, and Master of Arts Management Program are working together to present a production on the cutting edge of opera, at the intersection of arts and technology.

Five newly composed operas, 15 minutes each, fully staged and sung in English, will be presented on April 10 at 7:30 PM in Pittsburgh Opera headquarters in the Strip District. The scenes will be created through technology, with the projection of art and other media on stage. Come and explore how an opera is created from scratch. An artist meet & greet reception will take place following the performance in the Founders’ Room of Pittsburgh Opera. This performance will be webcast live.

Cold Hands 
Composer: Dayton Kinney

Librettists: Dan Giles and Julie JigourA sweet story of two people sharing a moment. It is the interaction between a mortician and a girl who has just died as she reflects on her life and what she has not done yet.

Composer: Davis Good

Librettist: Josh GinsburgAn Appalachian setting of the Echo story from Greek Mythology.

Last Night in The Hague 
Composer: Chung Wan Choi

Librettists: Wei He and Tracy Held PotterA vignette of Van Gogh’s early life, when he lived in the Hague with the prositute Sien and her children.

For the Time Being 
Composer: Daniel Arnaldos

Librettists: Barbara Jwanouskos and Stephen WebbA lesbian couple and their witness travel to a remote place in Southwestern American to get married. Along the way, they encounter some otherworldly beings who help the main character discover some aspects of himself he thought no longer existed.

The Elephants (A Modern Fable) 
Composer: Xiao Liang

Librettists: Savannah Reich and Jonah EisenstockThis opera is a short tale of a group of elephants’ interaction with the humans who live nearby, and how modern advances have changed that relationship.

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